Established in 2005
The first pickup we used…actual truck I used to drive into Ground Zero…I was working for a non-profit and would bring loads of gloves, boots, masks, food, etc into the zone to assist with the workers. When our operation was over, we gave the truck to a police officer who starting using the truck personally.

When gas prices started to rise in 2005, this police officer wanted to get rid of the truck. I got word of it, and thought I could make a little extra cash helping people move things from place to place. I bought the truck and started placing ads on Craigslist. Soon, I was getting more business than I could handle.

I liken my business to the teachers in the midwest (where I grew up) who would mow lawns, do lanscaping, paint houses, etc as summer income…this is that kind of work…NYC style! It gets me outside and talking to adults (as opposed to teenagers…) and helps ease the burden of a low teacher salary.

Rob J.
Business Owner
Grew up in Galesburg, IL

B.S. in Mathematics from Purdue University
M.S. in Educational Technology from New York Institute of Technology

Spent three years teaching in the Peace Corps in Malawi, Africa. (Would love to tell you stories as we travel to your destination!)

Have taught in New York public, charter, and private schools.

I have hired “real” movers to assist me with moving so I learned the tricks of the trade. I learned how to cover, pad, and tape all kinds of furniture.

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