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27 02 2010
sheila o'keefe

that was absolutely the most pleasant moving experience of my life! i bought a chair and ottoman from craigslist and had it moved the next morning. i love the movers john and eric, such nice, laid back guys. this is the only moving company i’ve dealt with that wasn’t shady! thank you, thank you!!!

17 05 2010
Kathy Wilmore

Rob the Mover’s guys moved furniture from my mom’s senior residence to another location in January. They were on time (an hour early, in fact), courteous, good-natured, quick, and efficient. All that, and the actual cost was less than I’d expected. I recommend Rob the Mover and will gladly use the service again. In fact, I’m about to get a quote from them for a minor move of just one item.

Thanks to all who helped that day.

31 10 2011
James Hoare

Amazing move. The guys were an hour early and could not have been more helpful. They actually cared about our stuff and did everything possible to protect it from the downpours of snow we had on Sat (It is October, are you serious?). It was 2.5 hours for the entire place which was so much quicker than I thought with all our stuff. Could not recommend highly enough.

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